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Fundraising Outreach Performance

Increase sustainability

Grō helps organizations create strategic visions by developing and managing revenue-generating services that drive impact. We’re also experts at building brands so constituents and donors can find and contact you.

We can help your organization build its online presence or expand into new markets — now that’s a recipe for sustainability and scale.

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Capital planning

Finding the money to accomplish your mission while also managing ever-increasing donor expectations can be a real challenge.

Grō works with your team to identify sources and uses of funds that align with your mission. From growing your donor pool to analyzing membership levels, we help you maximize every revenue source possible.

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Create lasting relationships

Succession planning is a must-have for any nonprofit organization. When staff members leave, they often take institutional knowledge and professional contacts with them.

We help make sure major donors are attached to your organization, not to an individual. We also define key roles so that processes are in place no matter what staffing changes occur.

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