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Accelerate receivables

Grō gives your customers more ways to pay and that means you get paid quicker. Accept credit and debit cards, or create promotional offers all from your smartphone or iPad.

Whether you run an accounting practice or provide cleaning services, Grō can help you set follow-up appointments, automate invoicing, and get you paid right away. Goodbye uncomfortable customer conversations — Hello, payday.

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Maximize cash flow

When you work with Grō, you’ll gain better control over incoming cash while mitigating the risks that come with managing customer payments.

We also add online efficiency by finding the best tools and technology for your specific industry so you don’t waste time buried in administrative tasks. No matter the size of your business, we’ll custom-tailor an array of tools to impress clients and give you the look and feel of a major firm.

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Ensure access to credit

We know that revenue doesn’t always reflect your workload. That’s why we tailor credit options to meet your specific cash flow needs, offering flexible ways to help ensure you have access to liquidity during periods of high growth or cash shortfalls.

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