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Growth Scale Strategy

Launching a new product

We help guide tech companies through every stage of growth — from launching new product lines to operating at scale, and at every point in between.

Whether your team wants to build the latest web app or you need a stunning logo to showcase your brand, we’ve got the experts who have already been there and done that.

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The right fit

Technology companies know that capital is fuel. Rather than make you give up equity when it's most expensive, we invest capital and talent in exchange for a fixed share of future revenue. Forget about valuation negotiations, dilution, or exit timetables.

With Grō you remain in full control of your company. You repay the invested amount plus an agreed-to return, which is sourced solely from your company’s topline revenue. Payments are never fixed — repay faster when sales are booming and take more time if things slow down.

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Staying stable

Orders have been increasing and that's a good thing. But now is not the time to stumble because of fast growth and product evolution. As a partner in your growth, we provide both advisory and implementation services.

Strategic planning, product development, pricing, sales planning and management, leadership and organizational development — you can create an a la carte menu of the exact services you need.

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